A growing trend among startup, small and medium businesses is to eliminate costly in-house marketing departments and rely on agency partners to manage brand awareness and growth. Why? Outsourcing a marketing department opens up the field of employable marketing tactics without the expenses of internal employees.

Is an external marketing solution right for your company? Here are five reasons why you should consider farming out your marketing needs so you can focus on what you do best:

  1. Founders Can Focus on Their Strengths: VPs of Marketing and a marketing staff come with a hefty price tag, so often founders of companies will pile marketing and public relations onto their plates or hire junior marketing staff. However Marketing is a cornerstone to success at every stage of business, and this tactic often backfires. By working with an external agency, budgets and deliverables can be managed by highly experienced pros.
  2. Insight: While business owners and founders know their companies best, analyzing target audiences and key messages can become a challenge when you’re too close. The objective insight of an external partner is helpful and can mean your products get in front of the right audiences quicker.
  3. Costs: Hiring a CMO or VP of Marketing and the staff to execute campaigns is expensive. With the right outsourced team, you’ll have access to pros with the expertise of multiple C-level executives without the hefty salaries.
  4. Access to Greater Resources: From media buying to other resources, agencies have access to better rates for social and search placements and have relationships with media and other influencers who will be important to your brand’s success.
  5. More for Your Money: With in-house teams, you often won’t have a social media expert, a publicist, a creative genius and marketing strategist due to budgets. Agencies give you access to a team of marketing experts and services you simply can’t replicate in-house.

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